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Jul 26, 2016

The greatest leaders don’t say, “This is how great I am.” The greatest leaders say, “This is how I can serve you.”

Jesus always has a different way of looking at things. That is probably one of the greatest reasons I love being a Christian. The true message of Jesus is radical and almost mind-bending. Over and over, Jesus would say, “You’ve heard it said…, but I say…” or “You’ve been taught [that], but I’m teaching you [this].” Many times, these teachings are major ways to view the world. Today’s One Verse is a great example. While on the road traveling from city to city (Galilee to Capernaum this time), the disciples were (once again) arguing with each other. Jesus asked them what they were arguing about, but they were too embarrassed to say. Of course, Jesus already knew. So, He answered their question anyway. The question? Who among us will be the greatest in the Kingdom of Jesus? Remember, they thought Jesus was coming to set up an earthly kingdom and overthrow Rome. In Mark 9:35, Jesus gave the answer: “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” True leadership, the best leadership is servant leadership. Great leaders never say “look at me.” They serve others and let them decide if they are great or not. They don’t stand on the backs of others. They serve. (Makes you wonder about our political process and candidates, doesn’t it? Isn’t this how people get elected? Look at me! I’m great! Vote for me! Interesting.) If you want to be a leader worth following, then serve. It may not look anything like what the world teaches, but by placing others ahead of yourself will actually mean that you become a true leader.

(Note: For some that understand true leadership, this idea actually is taught a few places in our world. Even though this Jesus principle was laid out thousands of years ago, the business world is just starting to see the value of servant leadership. A great example is the book Good to Great by Jim Collins.)

About One Verse

One Verse is a short, free podcast devotional designed to help you grow closer to God through less than 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Consistency trumps intensity. When it comes to working out, eating healthy, or managing our finances, consistency always trumps intensity. We reach our major life goals through small, purposeful steps taken daily. The same is true in our spiritual lives. I truly believe you will grow closer to God by spending just 5 minutes a day with Him versus cramming in an hour once a month. The One Verse Devotional is here to help take away the barriers of spending time with God. Now, during your workout, drive to work, or even shopping for groceries, you can invest in your spiritual life.