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Nov 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today, I’m thankful for you. I appreciate your support and allowing me to speak into your life. I couldn’t do this without you. Thank you!

Nov 27, 2019

Being thankful is God’s will for your life

Nov 26, 2019

[Week of Thanksgiving] When we ask God for things, we have to be careful not to treat Him like a genie in the lamp. There is one, simple way to avoid this: Pray out of a heart of thanksgiving. Giving thanks is an act of worship and shows respect and honor for our God.

Nov 26, 2019

[Week of Thanksgiving] What is the foundation of thanksgiving? Jesus gave Himself as our sacrifice, and His grace is reaching more and more people. It is this Grace that allows Thanksgiving to overflow in our lives as worship to God.

Nov 22, 2019

"As for God, his way is perfect: The Lord’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him." -Psalm 18:30