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May 22, 2017

“I stand at the door and knock.” This is a famous verse that many Christians are familiar with. Maybe you remember the well known painting of Jesus knocking on the door. But here is the sobering part of this verse: It’s not a “salvation” verse. Jesus was speaking to the Church! At some point, Jesus was pushed out. Now, He patiently waits outside the door, knocking, and hoping that someone will invite Him back in. What a tragedy for that church.

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Is it hard to find time to spend with God and grow your Christian faith? The One Verse Devotional is a short, 5 minute podcast where we grow deeper in our faith through just one verse a day, Monday through Friday. A practical and encouraging look at the Bible, now you can spend time with God whenever you want. Hosted by Matt McCarrick and brought to you by Phosphorus Project.