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May 24, 2018

We have the power to go to the throne of God on behalf of our friends.

Our One Verse, today, takes place in the Gospel of Mark. It comes in the middle of a crazy and even hilarious story. Jesus was preaching in a city and His popularity was at an all time high. People wanted to be fed, they wanted to be healed. As Jesus was preaching in this home, so many people showed up that you couldn’t even get in the door. Well, for one paralyzed man, this was a problem. But he had four friends. And they weren’t going to let a little thing like a huge crowd stop them! These guys went up on the roof and started tearing a hole in it! The poor homeowner. Then they lowered the paralyzed man through the roof and he landed right smack dab in front of Jesus. I would give anything to have seen this! But then Jesus says something crazy. He says, “Because of their faith…” It was the faith of the friends that moved Jesus. I think this is a key principle that holds true today. We have the power to go to God on behalf of our friends. We have the power to have faith on behalf of our friends. I pray that you will go to God for your friends today.