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Jul 3, 2018

Your faith can actually bring great encouragement to others who are struggling in their own faith journey.

Just like yesterday, today’s One Verse is a personal message from me to you. Paul told the church of the Thessalonians that he had actually been encouraged by their faith in his times of distress (and Paul had some distress!) I feel the same about you. There have been times when I’ve wanted to quit the podcast. But right when I feel that way, I get an email or a private message or even a Facebook comment from someone telling me how much what I am doing means to them and their spiritual life. What an encouragement! You have the power to encourage other Christians who are struggling in their faith. By seeing your faith, it can give them hope. What about your pastor? That’s a tough job with little thanks. I know! So many pastors are tempted to quit. Your faith could be just the thing that is bringing them encouragement and allowing them to feel like their efforts and their ministry are actually making a difference. Our faith affects those around us.